Thursday, 30 December 2010

Holiday Time

Just a brief stop by today. It's been christmas and as busy as always. I've finished work and am really getting into the creative flow. I got a whole heap of materials today and started work at lunchtime, only now realising it's almost 9pm and I'm sitting here amidst an avalanche of horrendous mess. I'd forgotten how untidy it gets when I'm in the zone.

Much more in my head dying to get out into the world.

Ikea was great this morning by the way. The sales have been kind to us this year, though I shall resist the temptation to list all my bargains.

Scotland was awesome. Spent time with my sis and her girls and went for a walk in the very snowy, icy conditions, landing upon my posterior in most ungraceful fashion. Lucky I didn't crack my headbone in two. Saw an amazing heron very close up on the way home, it was vivid blue in colour. My internet research tells me these are rare in the UK, being an American native. Imagine how beside myself with joy I was! Yes, I am being careful not to become a bird watcher. I think I'm safe, since it's only herons that interest me.

I must now away to my bed and sleep off the pastel dust that is swirling before my eyes.