Monday, 24 September 2012

Skull Season

The usual procrastination going on here. Yes, I'm still alive. Alive and made stronger, if a little bitter and twisted, by having done decorating.

Our kitchen, so I've discovered, is approximately the size of a small planet. At least it seems that way when you're putting coat after coat of paint on the walls. Anyway, it's now beautiful in shades of turquoise. I have also realised why people pay people to do this stuff for them. No wonder they charge so much; it's recompense for having their very souls sucked out on a daily basis. Decoraters are our modern day warriors, out fighting on the battlefields of despair.

I painted the hallway too, which is tiny, but has three doors and a window. It was worse than doing the kitchen. I need therapy now. I'll be months getting over it.

Some work is also happening. I finally got round to doing a skull lino cut. It was spurred on by the above decorating, as I wanted most desperately to have a Day of the Dead themed artwork for the wall. It was so enjoyable, doing the design purely to my own taste and requirements. I try to do most of my work this way, but when they're commissions and whatnot it's not possible, obviously. It took me a LONG time and I always spend it wondering if the print will work out well or not. I like the suspense, but I would definitely have thrown a right old wobbly if it had been rubbish. There are always things I'd change, but again, that's life (and art) for you.

I wanted to use a floral motif to symbolise the imagery we use in western culture for celebrations. The idea of celebrating our lost loved ones isn't embraced here the same way as in other countries, but I really like the sentiment. I know skulls aren't everyones' cup of tea either, but to me they signify the mind of a person, the thing that made them what they were when they were living. Does this make sense?

Here he is then, smashing little fella.