Saturday, 14 April 2012

Up Early With the Birds

OK, first of all I need to let all involved know that your prints are on the way, apart from Lemur Lady's, because she's off gallivanting for a few weeks. Sorry for the delay, but I've been stuck in work and marooned miles away from a post office. All is well now though.

I'm enjoying a little holiday from work now for a week. There are all kinds of plans afoot for painting and some more lino cuts. Also much relaxing and spending time with my sweetie.

Yesterday we went shopping and bought a new couch and chair. I then developed blsiters on my eyes searching online for rungs and whatnot. In my travels I came across some wallpaper that made my soul sing, two lots of it actually. One is peacock feathers, which I adore, but the other is also gorgeous and (kind of) matches the patterned bits of the couch. I have pictures here, but not of the chair. if you can imagine a little seat made entirely of the patterned fabric from the couch cushions, then that's it. I have the squee.


The two wonderful wallpapers

I've sent off for samples of these. I desperately want the peacock pattern, but the leaves will go better with the furniture. I'll decide 100% when I see them in the flesh, but the leaves are definitely the sensible option. Me. Sensible. Imagine it.

Oddly enough I do like to live in a monochromatic environment. I find this peculiar since I work with colour all the time and find nature with all its variety so inspiring. Maybe I need restful dullness in order to relax? I did spend some time looking at bright purples and teals, but when it came to actually doing the deed I hopped straight back to black and grey (exactly the "colours" I have now). I think my hub was pleased; I could see him looking a bit panicky when I talked about decorating in wild peacock colours. He'd live with whatever I picked, bless him, but I'd rather not see him wince every time he steps into the living room.

Speaking of my better half, I'm going to wake him up now. I've been up by myself since silly o'clock and it's about time someone entertained me. He wins the honour. Not sure he'll see it that way, mind you.

Monday, 9 April 2012

And the Winners Are....

A massive thank you to all who joined in the giveaway. I really mean it when I say I'd like to give you all something, but alas I just can't afford to*** (see below for an addition to this)

I hope you will all be as happy as I am to congratulate:

Octopus Winner - Lemur Lady

Peacock Winner - Nanfan Jewellery

Turquoise Garden Winner - Janice Ashworth

And just to show you all that it was all done with scientific accuracy, here are the screen grabs

If the winners will be so kind as to message me on Folksy, Facebook or at joolsy (at) gmail (dot) com I'll have your art in the post later in the week.

*** And if anyone who entered and didn't win is really desperate to have one of the prints, please also message me and you can have one for £5 plus postage (just to cover my costs). This is limited to those whose names are on the spreadsheet here, as a thank you for your support and all the lovely kind words, which I really wasn't expecting.

Sunday, 1 April 2012


Well I've finally reached the magic 300 likers on Facebook. This marks a huge milestone and since there are no bells and whistles over there I'm making some right here.

To celebrate, I am giving away three, yes THREE lino prints. All you need to do is comment here and let me know which one you'd choose for yourself.

At the end of this week I'll put all of your names into a random number generator and the winning three folks will receive their choice of print in the post.


Here are the choices:

Octopus (in this colour)

Peacock (in black, lilac, turquoise or green)

Turquoise Garden

Also, if you bring your friends to my Facebook page and I manage another 50 likes this week I'll add another print to the offer.