Wednesday, 29 February 2012

And Flowers Wednesday

The promised photos of the experiments I did with the flowers from yesterday. Just a change of colour or a different background alters the whole look of the print. I'm not sure which one I like best. A bit of daylight for the photography would have helped too, but (working) beggars can't be choosers, eh?


  1. All rather fab... but I like the one printed in black (dk grey / dk brown?) on the mottled beige background best of all - and then the other one with the patterned background too!
    I'm curious to know how you do these backgrounds, as they are rather lovely. Do you roll up a mixture of inks on the inking table, then use an inked-up blank lino plate? Or do you have some other clever and highly technical method?

  2. It's not all that technical really. I use mostly watercolour with lots of water and mix the paints on the page. While it's still really wet I manipulate it with a brush and chuck loads of sea salt on it. Once it's very dry (this can take a whole day sometimes), I scrape the salt off. I might repeat this process a few times until I like the amount of colour and texture.

    For the acrylic backgrounds I again use lots of water. I start by painting the whole page, then I use a water spray and have at it. This technique needs loads of drying time and as many layers of colour as it takes - sometimes I do this over as long as a week or two. A good background is a great way to start for me. I don't think people on the whole appreciate just how many hours go into every painting. Maybe I'll do a step by step blog with photos one day.


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