Friday, 10 August 2012

Friday's Child

I don't know how it came about, but I appear to spend every Friday cleaning things that are usually (in this house at least) left alone. This morning I cleaned the kitchen windows and before I knew it I was scrubbing all the walls. You know mammoth tasks? Well this makes those look like a quick scratch of the eyebrow. I've been at it for hours. So, now I have a cup of tea and a few minutes to say hello before I take myself off for a lovely relaxing bath.

I was awoken last night by an itchy toe. No, seriously. Some vile bloodsucking creature must have got in and bitten me while I was asleep. My daughter reckons it was the cleaning fairy, hence my new superpowers in that field. I'm not so sure. It's still driving me insane. 

I've been painting this week, concentrating on some larger pieces. I've got one finished and one part done. I'd intended to complete the latter today, but time ran away with me. I'll do some this afternoon, though I'll be fighting it all the way in this hot weather. The washes are drying before I'm done with them. Kh.

Here are a few views of my latest peacock. I'm going to list him in my Etsy shop, as I've sold a few of my bigger paintings on there recently. I feel very appreciated by my US customers :-)

I've enjoyed using a looser style along with realistic elements and I'm especially happy with the pose of the bird. Inspiration was taken from my springtime photos at Walton Gardens in Warrington.

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