Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Latest Work

Have I really not spoken to the world since my birthday blog? Good gracious. I stand ashamed with head hanging, or at least metaphorically, since I can't type like that. Sheesh!

Tine for a brief update then. I'd stay longer and kick back with you guys, but dinner's in the oven and my poor husband who's lived on cupboard surprise for weeks deserves a nice meal for once.

Work has been diabolical, which is the main reason for my absence. I shan't be a bore and give the numbing details, suffice to say I've been something on the far side of busy and stressed for ages.

On my days off I've been concentrating on doing as much painting and whatnot as possible. I stand by my opinion that this is what keeps me relatively sane. Oh and hub's great support of course, which cannot go unmentioned.

Things I have produced are

Yes, I've ventured back into the ACEO world, which I must say has been very useful in arranging my thoughts and getting ideas down on paper. A few have even sold, though online sales have been very poor. On the other hand, I've had a fair bit of success selling in the real world with a steady trickle of commissions coming in this past month.

We had a little trip to Scotland a week or so ago, which rejuvenated me. It was my first time off since July and a well earned couple of days, despite being called into work on the third day of my hols to cover for people who hadn't turned in. I ogled the landscape all the way, loving the trees and dramatic skies through the Lake District and beyond. My work is firmly entrenched in the natural world just now, so it was like a huge research field trip.

Finally, I've been attacking the photos of the lilies from summer. I knew it was worthwhile hanging onto those, and I'm using them as a basis for my current project. Last week I painted a single bloom and today I've done a group of three, although I can't photograph it now because there's zero daylight to help me. I have a new camera too, joy of joys. I heart it very much.

Here's the lily, along with a few others. The Japanese blossom ones have proven very popular, four of them have sold this past week, two of which I got a crazy amount of money for. I feel all proper artist-like now.

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