Thursday, 26 July 2012

Is This Art?

The latest in my peacock adventures. Just a miniature little study, but it's another step in the experiment with a good look at all the colours that flutter around the feathers. I've painted this from a real life feather here on my desk. I can't stop playing with it.

The rollercoaster has been continuing here. Mentally I'm feeling in a whole different place now. This week I've felt some seriously lovely stretches of wellbeing, moving from contentment to being what I can only describe as really happy. It's been quite emotional in a lot of ways, and rather than trying to keep it all inside  I've allowed myself some tears, lots of laughing and oodles of time with my beloved, sharing the joy. He in turn is feeling much better and keeps telling me how good it is to have me back. Who knows how long it'll last? Having said that, I wouldn't have believed anyone if they'd told me six months ago that I'd be having a week like this. I'm grateful indeed.

On the down side, I caught a virus about three or four weeks ago. It's one with a nasty chesty cough and temperature and all that. I went to my GP after about ten days and got some medication, which is gradually helping me show an improvement. I'm still feeling a tad feeble and breathless, but mostly I'm fighting it off now. I reckon this time next week I'll be fighting fit again. I'd better had be - I just won't put up with this nonesense!

I don't know if anyone's ever caught the TV show called Show Me the Monet? Someone recommended it to me and I've been really getting into it (BBC2 iPlayer on catchup). My heart is in my mouth for the artists and I am transported back to my university application interview where I received a very similar grilling. Really scary stuff. My hub watched an episode with me last night and we had a good old meaty discussion about what is and isn't art, especially when applied to the work we both do. 

Please step this way into my can of worms......

I have no doubt that the panel would hate my stuff and throw me out for being merely a decorative artist. I don't think I have ever used art as an expression of my emotions, as seems to be the requirement for these guys. I've asked myself whether I would consider it as an approach, and right now I'd say no. I simply don't have any desire to intentionally "speak" via a painting. I don't even feel a need to create a dialogue with the viewer. Does this make me fall short? That one's open to much debate I suppose.

All I can say is that I've spent my whole life with ideas desperate to burst from my head onto a page, or a creation. In recent years I've had the opportunity (and confidence) to let rip with it. Interestingly, this has come many years after completing my art degree. I never really became comfortable with my work back then like I am now. I am always delighted when someone connects enough with a painting to want to own it, so that's my dialogue happening organically I guess, which is what I'm most comfortable with.

In conclusion, I think I'm a sneaky one, hovering round the edges of "art" (am I allowed to tag myself thusly?) and loving it when a person stumbles into me. Appreciation is a fine reward, but I don't force it. That's pretty similar to the sort of character I am too, so at least there's some continuity round here in a way.


  1. I get so annoyed with people who insist on such a narrow definition of what 'Art' is. Of course you are an artist and what on earth is wrong with decorative art - it's what most of us love to look at in our homes. I'm also sure that part of who you are, your inner self, shines through in your work as is the case with most artists. Just because you can't analyse the hell out of a piece doesn't make it not art!
    Ok, rant over :)

  2. What Pam said! totally agree. YOur picture is lovely, IMHO art is a very individual thing, everyone has different tastes. My Mum watched that programme too, she couldnt remember what it was called but was telling me how awful she thought it was and their 'opinions'.


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