Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Tuesday's Child

Yep, it's my day off again. I get Saturdays and Tuesdays off each week, in case I didn't mention that before. It's a most peculiar setup for someone who's always done Monday to Friday.

The job remains bearable on the whole. I've had a few hideous days and a few good ones, but mostly average ones really. I still don't feel settled there, I think it's going to take some time. I am however into the routine of being out all day and coming home to spend the evenings with my beloved hub. I'm still walking every day, although not the whole way because I tend to meet up with hub on his way home and get a lift for the last part of the journey. Even so, I expect I'll be thin in a fortnight, three weeks tops.

I've painted again today. I'm making a concerted effort to be doing this when I'm home. On Saturday while I was off I made a card, but mostly did couple things and had a chill out. Tuesdays are definitely the days of industry.

It's been butterflies mostly. Not my usual topic of choice, but I felt like giving them a go. Results are as follows. Oh and a landscape that I did last week while I was off.

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  1. Glad you are settled in your new job, well kinda! Lovely painting xxx


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