Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Trials And Victories of a Middle Aged Artist

Shocked at how long it is since I last popped by with any news. Shame on me!

I think it was a Tuesday off when I found time to blog, and now here we are again. I do have a good excuse as to why I wasn't here last week - what a hideous time that was. It all started on the Saturday when my beloved and I planned a lovely day out, a meal and a wander round Liverpool to celebrate my first payday. It started off well, but by Saturday afternoon it became apparent that all wasn't so well with the food we'd had. I got sick and spent Saturday afternoon to Wednesday night being ill in all it's forms. Tuesday evening was so desperate that I was in tears, between flights to the bathroom. I lost my lovely weekend and the ensuing days and it was simply wretched. Add to that the anxiety of having to take time off work in a new job and it puts the icing on the damned cake of doom. All best forgotten really.

Anyway, I'm over it now finally. I took a bit of time on Saturday to work on some paintings. I'm exploring the butterfly thing a bit more and playing with the technique I've been developing. The results are being well received and more have sold, which remains awesome and splendid and gives me a huge sense of satisfaction. I did a watercolour card too, which I failed to get a photo of (too busy I reckon), but the work colleague who asked me to make it is over the moon with the result and is sending it off to Bulgeria today.

These are from weekend:

I had an arachnid horror adventure one afternoon last week. Hub had picked me up from work and just as we pulled up outside the house I looked in my bag. I have no idea why, but I did and right there on the top of my handbag treasure was the biggest, fattest, most revolting spider I've seen in many a year. I did a comedy doubletake and shoved the bag to my unsuspecting spouse with a shriek. Now he's not afraid of spiders and he went fishing in there to grab the critter. It duly jumped out onto his t-shirt and began running all over him. I say running, as though something that size could have any great speed about it. It was more like an ocotpus giving him a tentacle massage. By this point I was out of the car and a safe distance away, shuddering and watching the hairs on my arms standing on end as though I were attached to an electricity outlet. He managed to catch it eventually and set it free. I'm goose bumpy here even describing it. Yuck! Needless to say he was urged to tip out the contents of my bag once we got indoors and I've been eyeing it with suspicion ever since. The worst thing about it? I'll tell you - I can't stop wondering how long I'd been carrying that thing around with me! It could have been in my bag for DAYS. Argh! I don't think I'll ever feel clean again!

The black comedy that is my life continues today. I woke up with a bit of a stiff neck this morning and within 20 minutes of getting up I was unable to move. That thing where you walk like Herman Munster and can't look round without turning your whole body? Yeah that. So hub has rubbed me with Voltarol Gel (romantic little scenario) and I'm sitting here with a hot water bottle jammed down the back of my dressing gown. Good job he's back at work today because he wouldn't be able to keep his hands off me.

It's lovely to be having my day off, despite the drawbacks. I have some work lined up to do and a birthday present to make. I was going to sculpt today, but my lack of supple muscle movement is a bit of a handicap. I may pop back later with an update, but if not, see you all another Tuesday.


  1. Oh dear! Hated reading the spider bit, I felt ill at the thought of a spider in my handbag. arrrrgggghhhh Hope your neck eases soon and hubby had the magic touch x

  2. I cant think about that spider in the handbag thing :( The butterflies are simply beautiful. Had to laugh when I read about your neck and a hot water bottle jammed down your back! Last winter I was so cold that I would put on a pair a oversized leg warmers on under my dressing gown, my husband thought i'd turned into Nora Batty :)


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