Sunday, 18 September 2011

A Friend in Need

I don't usually do anything like this, but a fellow Folksy seller is in great need. I am going to hold a charity auction of one of my paintings and I would urge anyone who might be interested to please make a bid. I'll do this tomorrow so I can get any resulting funds to the lady in question as soon as possible. Please read the post below that she made on the forum.

Also, if anybody can help out in any way please let me know, or contact Monika direct. It's worth noting that she is offering 50% off anything in her shop using the code "mama" at the checkout. Her work is absolutely stunning and the results of a true artisan.

"Hi everyone,

My name is Monika and firstly few words about me.

I was born in Poland and for past few years I have been living in beautiful Scotland with my husband and two fantastic kids Alicia (6) and Philip (1). Here I run my little business.

Today I receive news my mum died. I would love to go to Poland to help my dad in this difficult situation – unfortunately I cannot afford it.

Yesterday I organized “End of Summer Sale” in my Folksy shop – but yesterday everything was fine.

Today is completely different day – I quickly need to buy tickets to flay to Poland, pay for childcare during my absence.

Instead of reorganizing everything in my shops I thought the best way is if you make me an offer on items you would like to purchase.

I have two shops on Folksy:

Exclusive silver jewellery made in wire-wrapping technique:

Wedding jewellery and accessories:

All your help is very appreciated

Sincerely yours


my blog: "

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