Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Lots Happening In These Parts

I feel like I haven't had a breather for weeks!

Last Tuesday on my day off I was whisked away for a day out in Blackpool. We love going there off-season when the weather's stormy and there are no tourists. There's quite a macabre feel to a deserted holiday town in the Autumn. It was incredibly stormy and the sea was roaring up and over the protective wall that backs onto the promenade. I was a silly head (what's new?) in getting as close as I could to take photos and videos. The spray was painful, being filled with sand that had been sucked up by the wind. It was all very exciting! Later in the day when the tide had gone out there were huge tree trunks and rocks deposited right up at the top of the steps. It's hard to get your head around the power of the sea until you come across such things. We walked for miles against the wind and got a serious workout. I must be thin by now, surely? Anyway, what a splendid way to spend our wedding anniversary. It was the perfect day.

Work has been a rollercoaster since I last spoke. See what I did there, keeping the Blackpool theme going? I've had some really good days and some horrifically stressed ones. We're short staffed with folks being on holiday and off sick, so it's been down to as little of three of us doing the work of six or seven. This is all well and good on days where things run smoothly, but as soon as a couple of problems arise it becomes frantic. I've dealt with it at times, but the stress that makes my teeth fizz has also appeared, which coupled with the fact that we never get a break (apart from the occasional dash outside for a theraputic cigarette) serves to make for arduous days indeed. I'm told I'll be changing roles at the start of October, taking on more responsibility in looking after the sales team and their progress. This should put me more in the eye of the storm than in the current swirling mass of chaos, so I'm happy to take on the challenge. Goodness knows I could do with a settled position where I know my duties and can have time to perform them well.

Art stuff? Well, I got the Games Workshop commission finished. They wanted a banner to attach to a standard to be carried on Games Day at the Birmingham NEC, which is next weekend. For those not in the know about such things, it was for a faction called "Nurgle", which are revolting monster type things covered in diseased skin and all that. Naturally they wanted something grotesque and I came up with this little creation, which has been well received. I look forward to hearing how it goes on the day.

Today I have some painting to do and I'll be popping out for a very civilised lunch with someone from work. I'm enjoying the peace and quiet right now though, before I get motoring.

Oh, and I must mention my glee at being a featured seller on Folksy! They put me on the front page yesterday, as well as posting an interview with me on their blog. How exciting is that? I never thought for a moment that I'd be on there, so this is such a treat. The link is here for anyone who fancies a quick read:

Me on Folksy

Finally, a quick word on the auction I ran for Monika, as explained quickly in my last blog. I decided to put three paintings up for people to bid on, and with that and some very kind donations I've been able to send a total of £56.00 towards the costs of flights and childcare. I can't describe how happy I am to have been able to do this for someone in such need. I'd have sent her what I could personally manage, but to be able to add to that is just wonderful. People are so kind; it doesn't half restore my faith in humankind to receive such support. Also to those who offered their kind wishes because they didn't have anything else to give - a massive thank you. It all means such a lot.

Despite my love of waffling, I must get on and do some work. Have a lovely day everyone, and ignore the rain, it may go away if we don't pay it any attention.

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