Saturday, 21 January 2012

Busy Day With Birds

In a superhuman effort of Saturdayindustriousness I have done all manner of busy things today. Having used the evenings this week to get plenty of printing done, I cut mounts and took photos this afternoon. This came after the weekly food shop and a quick pop to work for a bottle of wine (not a sort I've ever seen in the shops, hence my special journey). I also did some Folksy listings and Facebook updates of my peacocks, before being ever so domestic and doing home made coleslaw with jacket potatoes for dinner.

I am bout to have a glorious bath before putting on pyjamas and settling down to watch a film. Goodness knows I must deserve it.

These prints have turned out well. I shan't be a bore and put all the colours here, but I've done a lot of experimentation with different hues and graduations. Oddly enough, the plain black has been the most commented on, and it's also my personal favourite (one has already gone to a new home). I have a great idea for my next one, but it's going to be extremely complicated and time consuming, Still, I think they're so satisfying to do and I won't mind a bit.

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