Tuesday, 3 January 2012

My Happy Start to 2012

Today should be "back to normal" day, but it's not really. I've only had xmas day and new years day off work, so it was a weird one for me all told, and now we're back to the usual routine of Tuesdys to myself. I have heaps of plans for my creative work, which will begin very shortly, but I'm also chock full of squee and good mood, altogether distracting!

It being bank holiday yesterday they let us out of work at 3pm, so I had this bright idea of popping along to the local retail park for a little browse. Unfortunately the whole world appeared to have had the same thought and we spent a good half hour trapped in traffic hell waiting for a parking space. Luckily we did it in the end and had a leisurely wander, culminating in my amazing beloved buying me a Kindle. Oh the joy! I am so utterly delighted with it that I can't even describe. Naturally, me being me there is a peculiar turn to this, in that when I spoke to my lovely Sis last night she told me she'd been planning to buy me one as a surprise for when I visit her next week. Argh! this is the swirly shoes thing all over again - a few years ago I treated myself to a pair of Red or Dead shoes full of awesome and win, only to find that she'd purchased exactly the same ones for my birthday. This is what you get for being in tune with a spectacular sibling like her.

I love my Kindle SO MUCH. I've downloaded heaps of books for it already and also eagerly await my handmade cover from Lemur Lady which will match the handbag I bought from her not so long ago. It's win all round, I tell ya.

This will be my first day off with the freedom to paint things in quite a while. I have one picture in progress that I aim to complete today, as well as a whole pile of linocutting paraphenalia right here just begging to be used. I'm in such a tizzy of needing to create that I almost don't know where to begin. This all makes me so pleased that I managed to achieve so much of the journey I began exactly a year ago. I've come so far and kept my momentum going for all this time. It's a massive achievement for me, albeit a small one in the grand scheme of things. I would never have imagined that I'd be back in full time work but still finding time and inspiration to persue my arty stuff.

To add to my joyous day, I have just booked train tickets to Scotland for next week. I have some holidays to take before they run out, so I'm having a week now and another one next month. Hub and I are going together to visit my Sis. We really enjoy our northward voyages and we thought we'd have a change from driving up there this time. I do love travelling by train, especially through the Lake District where this route takes us. Even better, I use a really good website for discounted fares. I've paid as much as £80 plus to get there before (one way), but we've just bagged two return tickets for a total of £20. That's combined, not each. The petrol money we've saved will buy us a lovely lunch in Glasgow with enough left over for a little treat or two. More squee! I'll be loading my Kindle up with entertainment for the trip. Double squee!

Well, it's light outside now so I feel that I can begin working. I hope to be back soon with photos of my labours. My biggest wish right now is that I can feel this positive for the whole of 2012. Let's give it a go, eh?

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