Monday, 25 October 2010


I got heaps done today. I finally got to that stage where I could see the jobs disappearing from my inbox. It's taken three full weeks and there have been over 500 emails, but I'm alost there.

My neck and back are suffering for being trapped at a desk all day and a constant headache has made me a bit grouchy (not that anyone will notice the difference of course). Still, I are high achiever.

Naturally I needed to balance out the days industriousness with some mischief. There's been a furry halloween toy spider hanging round in the break room at work all year and I've had my fun with it - putting it in the fridge on people's lunches, sitting it in the vending machine, that sort of thing. Anyway, I thought since it's halloween soon he should become a little more high profile. I sneaked him out under my coat and brought him home and tonight he has had a makeover. He now sports a black satin (lined with silver fabric) vampire cloak, complete with shiny gemstones all over it. He is carrying miniature dried pumpkins and has little diamontes on his feet. I also gave him huge orange and black googly eyes.Tomorrow I shall put him back when nobody's looking They'll know it was me of course, but they can't prove it and I will deny all knowledge.

Jay always tells me that if any idea I have makes me giggle for more than 15 seconds then it's bound to be bad and I am not allowed to go through with it. Usually he's right of course. I think this is an exception to his rule though.

I need a new keyboard and mouse. These cheap supermarket ones are all well and good in an emergency, but I have to keep going back and adding capital letters that are failing. I really don't need a constant irritation like that in my life.

No heron again today. The river was way too full this evening for him. Very soon it will be too dark on the way to and from work for me to see as far as the bit where he likes to hang out.

Am pondering what to wear for our company awards night on Thursday. I never go anywhere that requires anything dress-uppy, so I'm stumped. I'm hoping I'll be saved by the fact that the do starts at 6, which doesn't leave us long to get there. They reckon we should be able to dress down on the day, so everybody will be in jeans (apart from the princesses who are dolled up all the time anyway). I am to carve a pumpkin as a table decoration. We're going to a chinese restaurant so I thought I'd do a Willow Pattern or other traditional design on it. I shall do a little research before I go to bed.

Been studying some Photoshop tutorials online. They're very good indeed. Oh how I look forward to having the time to really learn some new stuff. I am also going to go for a walk every morning and either photograph something inspirational or draw something I chance upon. Shouldn't be too long now until I am free of the shackles of full time work. I still need to find a part time job though.

It's off to Google images now for me.

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