Wednesday, 20 October 2010

It's a Wild 'Un

What an adventure we had on the way home form work tonight. Someone in one of those giant 4x4 things went right up the back of us. A Fiesta doesn't stand much of a chance against such a beast, so I suppose we were lucky it didn't just drive right over the top of us.

Not much in the way of work being done tonight due to me being on the phone to the insurers and solicitor and all that, not to mention the shaking hands and sore neck (which I am reliably informed will be "much worse tomorrow" - oh joy).

The heron was there this morning.

I've had a day where several times I've felt like throwing myself to the ground and paddying like a two year old. All in all I'm glad it's getting on for bedtime. Let's hope for a brighter day tomorrow, though since it will be starting with a long bus ride to work, doesn't look too clever really.

I added an image to the banner up there *points*, because webs sent me an email suggesting it would be a good idea. I think they were right. Soon I'll get the adverts removed too and then we'll be looking very swish.

"Can act on good advice" - add to CV?

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