Saturday, 23 October 2010

Weekend at Last

My other half is out so I made plans to do all sorts. We popped to the shops this morning for ingredients so I could make a lamb stew for everyone (done and in the oven now). He disappeared about 9.30am by which time I'd already done the washing and was ready for the next project.

I have installed the scanner/printer down here at my new desk. This is vital for me because there's no way I'd drag my sorry carcass up and down the stairs every time there was something to be scanned or printed. I'm ever so good at procrastinating. Well, usually, but not today of course.

The scanning commenced at about 10am once I'd found some sketchbooks. There are still several missing, hiding upstairs in the geek room somewhere. I've also misplaced a whole bunch of things that I wanted to play around with in Photoshop. Still, I'll find them eventually - I think they're tucked away inside a book. I know which book it is, just not where it is (we have so many).

I've added a couple of images to the site, but then I thought I should go and do some jobs, hence the food being in the oven now. Dishes also done (mostly) and more washing. I am a domestic goddess.

The phone has been ringing about 5000% more than it ever does. Since the accident on Wednesday we've had all kinds of contact from insurance, solicitors, and companies associated therewith. I don't think I've ever been so popular. It's becoming a tad tedious now. A chap is coming here tomorrow to help me fill in a form (!) and read some legal stuff to me. I do wonder what the other party is going through. We weren't at fault and they've pesetered the skin off us, so I dread to think what the driver of the beast car is being made to do.

I got a pumpkin this morning. I have two small ones form the farm to work on as well, so I think I shall carve them this afternoon. Photos will be posted in due course.

The heron hasn't been around as much this week. I reckon he's off chomping on fish from people's ponds ready for the winter. Suzie at work says there's one in her garden always after the fish, which makes me think he merely holidays at the river. Goodness knows there can't be any food worth having down there. I saw a jellyfish by the bridge once, but they can live in any sort of filth can't they?

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