Sunday, 17 October 2010

Thanks For Joining Me

It's not really the start of the journey, more a minor punctuation right here and now.

I wrote a bio page today that goes on and on, despite being harsh with myself about not including too much. I knew there was a blog here, so why bore people who just happen to be passing by? I'd be interested to know if anyone ever got to the end of the bio page, and if they did, were they still awake? Still, I feel more complete for doing it.

Anyway, the here and now.

Website is born, finally. I'll do lots more to it in good time as it's a right old headache getting it just so. Sundays are good for doing such chores, hence my appearance today.

I should probably mention why I'm doing this now, you know, as oppose to last year or whatever.

A few months ago I made the massive decision to change my life. Not the good bits, naturally. Mostly I have happiness going on - I have a suerb family (lunatics one and all but I love them) and probably the best husband in the known universe. If it weren't for these things I would not be the individual I am and would likely be hanging round outside Asda with a can of 17p Smart Price beer in my hand.

As it is I am tweaking things. This may sound minor, but it's bloody scary. I've been working in an office for a number of years now, the whole time feeling like I will go crazy one day and run screaming from the place amidst a flurry of administrative papers. I'm  one of the many who always say they will find their dream job one day, but just like them, I'm still there. Dreams don't land at your feet, it's the way of the universe that you have to suffer and scare yourself half to death in order to achieve them.

So I resigned.

I now plan to get a part time job (for we must still eat) and chase after that elusive creative "thing".

The website is the first step. It will be my foundation, the place where I put my work, the teacher upon whose desk I leave my exercise book for marking.

I've uploaded some stuff. There's plenty more where that came from but it's a time consuming business. Goodness knows how geeky I'll have to become in order to learn to html it myself. That's way down on the list of things to do.

I have a broad plan.

I want to learn a few new software programs such as Illustrator and the like. Gone are the days when Photoshop was enough.

I want to make things. Constructions and "things". I won't bother going into detail just yet.

I want to draw and/or paint every day.

I want to develop my skills and be as creative as I can be.

Somewhere in the midst of all that I hope to find a direction. I'm not the sort who can have one focus for the whole of my life, I need different projects.

Once I'm happy with my progress I want to get a job that pays me for drawing or making things. Somewhere with nice people. People who don't mind being around me all day. Or maybe working from home, that's a great dream of mine.

So this web stuff is my first project in my new beginning. I have a new PC and desk, at which I am sitting now, and I have come this far since just after I did the food shop this morning. Oh and I've alse made a lamb stew for weekday dinners and there's a roast dinner on the way.

I am a multitasker. Note to self - add that to CV.

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