Sunday, 2 January 2011

2011 Begins

Just waiting for some stuff to dry (PVA, latex masking). I really ought to be doing some housework, but it's Sunday, we're all home and I'm so stuck in with my paintings that I don't want to do anything else. I have stopped for breakfast, though I'm not dressed yet.

I'm going to need to do a search for more paper soon. I use this amazing thick watercolour paper all the time and I stock up every time I see it on sale. It's simply glorious, just looking at it makes me want to get the colours out and start scribbling. I know I have a few more stacks of it around the place, so I'll dig it out in a bit.

Mostly this week I've been doing latex masking and applying chalk pastel over the top before peeling (much fun). I'm also crossing over into the realms of pen and ink, which I may concentrate on later today, if only to curb the coloured dust that's now floating in the ether of the dining room. I am falling asleep each night with plans a-hatching as to what stages come next. I'm considering some papercrafting, using the shapes that are coming out of my drawings. The only problem with that is how on earth to store it later without spoiling it. I need to start shifting some of the work I'm doing before the house fills up completely.

What joy to have stopped the disturbing sleep patterns that I've been suffering from for so long. Gone are the recurring dreams about office stuff (everything has to be put into excel format!) and back are the relaxed and happy nights where I don't mind waking up a bit because I have lovely things in my head. Years of restless nights and vexing, anxious dreams appear to have been wiped out in the sweep of one little holiday. I'm ever so grateful.

We're having a Lord of the Rings day today. I'm half watching and listening to the movies as I buzz about doing other things. Jay is painting and the kids are out, apart from Hannah who is asleep with occasional dashes to the bathroom in the throws of the hangover from hell (most amusing). I've done some laundry too and I may sort out the kitchen a bit when I get the urge. Then perhaps a nice relaxing bath.

Did I mention - joy?

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