Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Start

My first real and proper day of the year in the new scheme of things. How do I feel? A little weird!

Got up with my beloved at godforsaken o'clock for moral support and to make him a toasted bagel to take for his brekkie. He was off at 7am, all togged up in twenty thousand layers of clobber on his bicycle. It had snowed a tiny bit in the night, but not enough to put him off. I felt rather sad seeing him off like that, like a brave thingy into the wilderness. Almost nine miles later he was at work, made it on time and all in one piece. I really need to learn to quit vexing so much about him, as he is more than capable of doing this without getting squished on the roads.

I savoured my morning coffee and got dressed early, then took Tascha to town with me. I needed a few things from Asda and she wanted to get a new coat before she went to college. Shopping was successful, every coat she tried on looked utterly gorgeous on her and she chose a fitted black wool number. Oh to be young and willowy and beautiful.

Today I shall mostly be cleaning this damn house. I need to get a grip on the place and beat it into submission. It's taken advantage of me not being around and become slovenly, so I shall show it what for. I've bought bin bags and cleaning stuff and I shall begin once I've had some boiled eggs. One requires sustinence for such tasks. As soon as I'm happy with it I'll be able to relax and get on with my work. So many plans in my head right now, it might just burst at the seams, Bagpuss style.

I hope to go for a nice walk soon. I can't see it being today (see above), but hopefully by the morning I'll feel accomplished enough to brave the river and Spike Island with my camera and sketchbook. I shall be umbel hunting for inspiration. We shall see.

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