Thursday, 13 January 2011

January Stuff

Spent a leisurely hour in town this morning. I decided on the spur of the moment that todays paintings are going to be of green things. Since fruits are the fashion with me at the moment I bought a green apple, a pear, some limes and some grapes. I already have kiwis. It's all jet setting round here you know. I'm loving green with grey, though it could be a little drab. Experimenting shall commence later.

People watching was uplifting. There were lots of old retired chaps around, out buying their morning papers and such. The banter between them was really funny; they're like schoolboys, teasing each other and having a giggle. One was accusing another of getting him out of the café too early for the bus, another watched his friend approach on walking sticks and asked him if he'd been picked for the footie team this weekend. Another got off the bus and stuck his tongue out at his friends as he walked past the window. I was chuckling to myself all the way home listening to them.

Jay has the day off tomorrow. I really hope the weather is good and we can go for a walk down at the river. I haven't seem the heron for ages. I'll take some photos of the trees and plants too, now that I've got batteries in my camera (the last lot were rubbish, I put them in and hadn't even taken a photo when they ran out. What's that about?).

It's Hannah's birthday tomorrow. I found a Hello Kitty duvet set for her while I was out, which I'm sure she'll love. It's always hard getting her presents so close after christmas, which I'm sure I've complained about every year.

I spent all day yesterday working. I got a design completed for the scarf competition, which I am pleased with in some ways but I feel I can do better (isn't it always like that?). I may do some more. I'm certainly on a roll with the subject matter. A few people have voted on the submission, which is both very nice and quite surprising. They may have given it the lowest ranking though, who knows? I have to wait a few weeks for the results to show in actual numbers. Still, I reached my goal in actually doing it and getting it sent in, which I'm most pleased about.

Stayed up late last night in the hopes that I'd sleep more soundly. It did the trick and I was only awake once or twice. It was ever so nice snuggling on the couch with Jay watching films.

The postman hasn't been yet. My ebay stuff should start arriving anytime now. I got something yesterday that I ordered in November as a present for Jay, damn the delays. He loved it though and it made him smile - a hand knitted Cthulhu in lime green with little red button eyes. It's absolutely adorable. I don't know what it is about hand knitted things that makes them so wonderful. I have all kinds that I've collected over the years including ghosts, skeletons, pumpkins and food. Yes food. Knitted cakes, biscuits and sweeties. I once got the kids some play food that consisted of wool bacon, eggs, beans and sausages all on a mini dinner plate. They played with it for years.

Breakfast time now methinks, then on with the watercolouring.

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