Sunday, 24 April 2011

Fingers to the Bone

Bright ideas and all that. The little bouquet I made was quite nice, so I made another one. This is lots larger and has buttons on stems as well (22 stems in total). I learned some new crochet flowers, mucked about and made some of my own design too, and generally spent the past 14 hours doing it. Now I know why people charge £569832945 for these blinking things.
 Should I list this for sale or not? If yes, then how much do I charge for it? I know it took an age to do, but my skills are hardly honed are they?

 Additional pictures here after it was correctly pointed out that the quality of the underside is very important. I'm not experienced in this really, but I've used florist's wire and tape on each stem, then taped up the whole bouquet and added a crocheted swirly thing that I'm most proud of having learned how to do this morning :-)

I think it looks neat and tidy, but are there other/better ways of doing this? I really would like to know if anyone has any tips or advice at all.

I've been rendered somewhat ashamed by the massive tidy-up and sort out that my beloved has embarked upon this weekend. He's cleared his geek room and binned a load of old stuff. I went to see how he was getting on and right there in the middle of all his spotlessness was a huge pile of my art stuff, staring at me and making me feel guilty. I shuffled through it a bit and threw some things away (why do I keep tiny offcuts of paper and weird ugly things that are never going to be any use?), but then it was time for lunch so we skedaddled downstairs and I tried to forget my sins.

Today I am at the very least going to tidy my desk and this avalanche threat that's scaring me here. If I can muster up some enthusiasm I'll also put a load of stuff in my art cupboard. It's currently all in neat little piles waiting to be put away. I hate organising like this, even if it does mean I free my mind up for other things and can have the glorious benefit of being able to actually find things.

Some other organising it pressing. We're off to Scotland tomorrow for a few days to visit my sis and her girls. I've promised to take some materials and do some art and crafts with them, so I need to get the kit together.  I'm thinking some shrink plastic and findings so they can make jewellery and maybe a keyring, as well as some pastels, watercolours and such to teach them some resist painting (they're especially keen on this idea). I reckon they'd also like to make a felt or organza flower each for their hair. Doesn't sound much, but a sizeable amount of gear is needed for all of this. I'll limit myself to what will fit in my wheelie art case though, as I tend to go crazy when choosing materials.

The easter bunny has passed me by this morning. It's not as though I don't eat easter eggs as soon as they appear in the supermarket though. I do believe I scoffed one or two in February, so I guess I owed him. I'm lucky he didn't come and leave me a bill for payment of goods received in advance.

Enough procrastinating now. I need to start the Sunday pottering and get the washing on the line.


  1. I'm full of admiration for your enthusiasm! Your crochet/button bouquet is lovely. I too tend to leave my tidying/organising until there are heaps of things to be put away and it has become a huge task. I know if I file paperwork away more frequently it would be a much easier task but rarely keep it up!

  2. ammmaaazzzzziiing. love the bouquet.
    oh, and we keep those litte bits because when we become ruthless and throw them away we think of a great idea fo them.


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