Friday, 22 April 2011

Turncoat Blogger

Yes, here I am appearing on Blogspot. Why is this? Well, I'm glad you asked.

Despite it making me feel like a traitor and fly by night hack, I've moved myself to this new platform. It's akin to shifting the balance on your credit card to a new institution, a bit of goodbye, nice knowing you, but I've found something better. Also slightly reminiscent of that three week relationship I had with a lad back in 1987 who worked on a farm. Malcolm was never going to be long-term, he had no clue how to wear a pair of jeans sexily and sported a funny surname, so he was never going to be Mr Jools. Hey, I was shallow back then, what can I say? I was holding out for Robert Plant.

Anyway, my existing arty blog on my website is a tad flaky, as people have pointed out this week. That's just one of its issues if I'm honest. It takes ages to load, frequently won't let me log in and is skating dangerously close to its file limit for images. All in all it's the little blog outpost on the edge of the desert, last place selling gas for 300 miles, staffed by an old chap in baggy jeans and a stained grey vest with an attitude that could strip the paint off your bonnet with one withering sideways glance.

Another reason, if I need more, is that so many people I'm coming into contact with in the creative world have blogs here and I would very much like to be able to follow them easily. Using this here site will enable me to prune down my 200 mile long favourites list a bit, thus giving me at-a-glance-access to my bookmarks once more, which is what it was originally intended for (thank you Firefox for your wonderful work. I love you).

In a measure of uncharacteristic thoughtfulness I have moved my last couple of blog entries with me. This is my "Hey, over here!" wave to the few people who can be bothered reading my whitterings. Good to have you here guys.

In my defense, and to hopefully shatter the image I've built for myself as a flibbertygibbet, I feel I ought to mention that I've been loyal to one blog for over eight years. I started on Livejournal back in the dawn of internet time and catalogued my daily life with gusto. Unfortunately, due to the nature of that daily grind, it's not really fit for public viewing. I don't imagine anyone cares too much about my wrangles with divorced exes, troubles with gas and electricity providers or my too frequent boiling rage directed at the local lollipop man on the school crossing.

So here I am, by way of introduction to those who don't know me from Adam. I shall be writing about my strange journey in the land of art, design and craft. I am now four months into my full time regime of artistic development after a number of years working as an office monkey. I do veer from the path of the above occasionally, but I won't be meandering too far.

There's a rather long biography describing how I came to be where I am if you look here

There's also a whole load of other stuff there, including galleries of my various work. I won't be neglecting it going forward, it's just the blog feature that requires shunning.

A happy easter holiday weekend to everyone. Enjoy this most unusual and clement weather we've got, and don't forget your sunscreen.


  1. Hi, follower number 4 here! I love your writing, and I think your crochet is going really well. I learnt to crochet many years ago but have forgotten most of it now! I dabble in too many crafts to think of taking it up again, though I have done some knitting recently.

  2. Oh the dabbling. That's my problem too. Crochet was one of the few skills that had always eluded me, hence my attempts this week.

    The only thing that keeps me learning new stuff is my obsessive nature. I'll drop everything and hammer at a new technique, play with that for a while then back to my merry go round of work. Hopefully by this time I've managed to include the new knowledge in my brain files for future use.

    Thanks for popping by, it's great to see you and I hope you'll stick around to talk about your dabblings.

  3. Very amusing! Glad you're here, as I'm one of those who could never log in to your other blog. Probably me, though!

    Rosie. x

  4. Ahh Rosie. Sewing royalty has now arrived! Wonderful to see you here and most pleased that you can join the party. You weren't the only one unable to sneak in the previous blog door, it was infuriating.

    I've still got my eye on that business card wallet. One day soon it shall be mine.


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