Thursday, 28 April 2011

Watercolour Sketchbook Work

I found an old sketchbook the other day, hiding in the bottom of a cupboard. It's got a bit of water damage, or as I prefer to call it, character. I reckon it's about 15 years old, surely a bit of a vintage find? So I photographed some of it to put here. By photographed, I mean a slapdash attempt that took all of two minutes, so my apologies to the people who would cringe at my efforts.

It's all about fruit. I was looking at texture with a view to developing into latex fabrics. Oddly enough, this one had a little success as the resulting designs were used in the first X Men movie for costume fabrics.


  1. Your designs were used for X-Men costumes? What? What? What? You can't just leave that comment unexplained...

  2. Hehe OK - I just copied a little chunk of my bio that refers to it:

    The tutors would take our design samples to trade shows a few times a year and if they sold we would get the cash, a welcome injection for any student. One show in Paris was a major success for me and I sold to Calvin Klein and DKNY on the same day. I was overjoyed of course, then even moreso when I was approached by a glossy Paris magazine who wanted to showcase my work. I recall that they included an especialy ugly photo of me, but I didn't care because I was seeing my work in print for the first time.

    A few weeks after I had been made famous (indulge me here, I know it's hardly earth shattering) I was called from my studio to reception to take a phone call. An American voice on the other end told me she had seen my work in a magazine and she wondered if I would accept a commission to work on a movie she was involved in. Naturally I thought this was a joke, someone winding me up. I thought the best thing to do was play it cool and ask her to call me at home later, which I did. Amazingly she did ring back and make her proposal, which was to produce latex fabrics to be made into costumes for the X Men movie which was in pre production at the time.

    To cut a long story short, I did make and submit the work, which was included in the film. I got a horrible fright though. I was approaching the end of my final degree year when I was working on this job and my tutors very kindly agreed to allow me to use the designs as my final project. This was a stroke of luck, as I doubt I could have done both to any acceptable standard in such a short timescale.

  3. That is amazing! And will teach me to read bios ;)


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