Friday, 22 April 2011

Overkill and Dugadoo Paintings

I don't normally blog as much as I have today, in fact this must be some kind of world record. I am however home alone this evening and to keep me out of mischief I'm at my desk. I'm too tired to do fiddly work (eyes are the first to go) so I've been looking through some of my files and found a few images.

These will never be up for sale or shown anywhere really, so I thought I'd post them here. They're watercolour illustrations for a book I wrote once called "Dugadoo". It's the tale of a little girl who gets a baby sister and isn't too thrilled. She creates an imaginary monster to scare the sister silly and it works a treat. Unfortunately the monster becomes real and eats their parents. You can probably see why I never published it. Oh and it's all in rhyme.


  1. These look very cool indeed!

    Stephie :-) from

  2. Great illustrations, though I have to agree the story may not be too popular!

  3. I know, it was a bit Roald Dahl and out the other side. It was mostly true though, apart from the parent eating. I based it on my own childhood. I really was a horrid little squirt and tormented my poor sister for years.

  4. Love the pictures.....I worked with small children for years...most of them would have loved your story...especially the parent eating bit!! It's how you tell them!

  5. I think most kids have a dark side to them, I know I always did. I always had a soft spot for Roald Dahl and he was far from PC if you use todays standards.

  6. These are great drawings and the story is great too, I agree with shoogly beads kids would like it and just love quirky story lines, all of the books my children like are dark somewhere as said above Roald Dahl is a perfect example


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