Friday, 22 April 2011

Is it Too Soon?

We all know I have this thing for mixing things that should not be together. I hold my hands up about the embroidering onto leather thing that still hasn't really turned out right, but the urge remains.

Considering how new I am to the crochet world, is it time to start being silly with it yet? I caught myself eyeing up some very hairy string earlier, wondering what it would do if I approached it with my hooks (yarrrrr I be a pirate). I've seen pictures of crochet with all kinds of weird and wonderful things, even strips of folded magazine pages. Am I being an upstart in considering taking this step when I've only just managed to (inelegantly) create a few objects?

I am painfully aware of my crochet failings (as are you, since I keep going on about it, sorry). My next step has to be to attempt to become graceful in my execution. If those Youtube tutorials (and watching Lynn) have taught me anything it's that these ladies have such graceful ways about them. Long willowy fingers holding the yarn beautifully, keeping the tension just so and moving with co-ordination usually only seen in Olympic level figure skating. Me, I'm like a caveman weidling a lumpy twig, elbows flailing and mouth uttering vulgarities by the minute. I bring death metal screams to a previously delicate craft.

To my continued shame I also must admit that I have a few sets of book covers here patiently waiting for me to give them their pages and make them whole. Well, I say patiently, but the guilt I'm suffering at not having completed them is surely coming from their cries of woe. Why must everything give me a hard time? Inanimate objects ought to remain so and not vex me with their needs.

I may grant myself a little holiday today, or at least not approach any project with seriousness. A dabble here and there perchance? It is a bank holiday after all. My beloved's off work having taken the famous three days holiday that magically turn into eleven days out of the workplace, just like about 75% of Britain's workforce. I'm not remotely interested in the royal wedding, but I am appreciative of the gift of my husband back here with me.

There's a fly in here, constantly bothering me. This is what we get for having the doors and windows open in astonishingly good spring weather. It keeps landing on my hair, presumably because I've washed it and not dried it yet so it's looking like a large nest. Even the fecking insects are judging me.

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  1. I'm glad it's not just me that gets hassle from inanimate objects! I also find the biscuits and bars of chocolate have a tendency to talk to me, but they are evil, and want me to succumb...

    Great blog, looking forward to seeing the hairy crochet!
    Marie xx


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