Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Accomplished and it's only Tuesday

Much industriousness around these parts already this week. I've been cleaning and tidying (go me, eh?). You know you're getting to a good stage when you find yourself scrubbing doors and skirting boards. This is how I grade my control over my environment; whether I have sparkling paintwork or not. Sheesh, that's so sad when I see it written down.

As I mentioned the other day, I've been painting a little commission to go on the front of an album for a lady who works as a nail technician (or is it nail artist these days? I never know). It's been enjoyable, apart from the commission stress of course. Anyone who ever does specific makes for people will know what I'm on about. Every brush stroke is accompanied by an internal dialogue that pecks at you, wondering if this is going to be what the person wants. Argh! Thankfully it's gone down well, so I'm happy now.

Last night I embarked upon my new craft class regime. What a lovely night! With it just being a few of us and gathered round my dining room table it was so much more rewarding. It's just marvellous to be able to give enough attention to the girls and they were ever so pleased with their final pieces (as was I - they honestly did a terrific job). We had a gorgeous bouquet of felt, crochet and button flowers, and a series of stunning corsages embellished with gorgeous beads. We didn't wrap up until about 11pm because the time just flew by. That's an extremely late night for me, so I feel like I've dipped my toe into a strange and exciting new world. Loads of fun, and I'm pleased we did it. Anxiety free too, which is exactly what I was hoping for.

I'm off to the post office now and maybe a nice little walk. The weather's cooling off a tad after yesterday's furnace temperatures. They say there's rain coming too, which I shall try to avoid, although I'm in the mood for some thunder and lightning should it decide to indulge me.

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