Friday, 1 July 2011

Still Upbeat. May be time to look for a pod under the stairs

What an awesome Friday it's been. Socks duly worked off, but one book sold and another swapped. I didn't even get a chance to show this one off, not that I'm complaining. I loved it to bits and I'm delighted that someone else got the squee and snapped it up as soon as I put it on Facebook. It never made it to Folksy. here it is.

If you don't read geek then it'll make no sense whatsoever. If you care for an explanation give me a shout, otherwise I'll keep my geekness under wraps lest I bore you to death.

I've made another book today, in between a million other things. My cleaning frenzy from earlier in the week has continued and our house is (astonishingly) beginning to look like something other than a family of Stigs lives here. I've also been outside for a little meander to the post office. But wait, get this for excitement - we're going to the flicks tonight, for the 8.30 showing! How late is that? It'll be WAY past our bedtime before the film's even over. As if that's not enough rebellion for one day, I've also got a packet of Riesens in my handbag to sneak in with us. Shhhhh.

I feel lighthearted and happy, not quite so feckless or flakey as usual. This is wonderful. Here is today's book; another vintage dictionary page one but in purple this time. I'm rapidly running out of paper and card for these. I need a couple more sales to fund my materials. Dig deep you lot, 'elp the poor starvin' artist (tis true, I've just had the most uninspiring bowl of packet savoury rice for my dinner and it was far from good. I need protein, fruit and vegetables at my age, brittle bones and all that).

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  1. Great work.
    (must admit the geeky one went over my head)
    What are you seeing at the flicks??

    {Dab and a dash.)


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