Tuesday, 12 July 2011

While The Sun Shines

Adventurous me. I set up my easel outside yesterday and painted in the sunshine. Not as romantic and bohemian as it sounds unfortunately, as the corn flies and various other bugs were also all revelling in the weather. I lasted about an hour before the constant flicking away of insects drove me back to my desk. On the good side, a slightly different set of tactics did give me an unusual look to my painting and I was quite pleased with it. Check out the texture on the flowers (click the image for a bigger version where the detail can be seen properly). It doesn't photograph too well, but it's pretty nice in real life.

I also must mention that I am still being superhuman and doing loads of housework. My moaning about the place being a tip is now replaced with joy that it's looking fairly good. The kitchen has been washing-up-free and sparkly floored for well over two weeks now. Not much of an achievement for most people, but for me this is remarkable and marvellous. The bathroom is also sparkly, and my bedroom, well, it's a joy to behold. As is the way of things though, I am now noticing how desperate the walls are for some fresh paint. It's never done is it, house stuff?

Hub went off geeking last night and I set to for another bit of painting, hoping to get a little more done. Before I knew it I was looking at the clock and it was almost 10pm. I'm a bit scared to add up exactly how many hours I worked for in total, especially given that I should really be resting a bit with this damn man flu. I'm still rough as a bear's posterior.

I'd say I'll chill out today, but it's unlikely. I was up at 5am because I spent all night dreaming about what I was going to do to this next painting. I've already spent a bit of time on it before hub got up, so it'll be finished soon. I think I should name them after what goes on during the creative process. We'd have painting with flies, painting with the man flu, painting in the sunshine, etc. Not sure it's quite the thing people would be looking for though. Or maybe I should call them after the music I was listening to as I worked. Most of them would be called Led Zepplin or Vampire Weekend in that case. Not so good for differentiation.

Oh and an update on Craig's crochet. After all the lovely and positive comments from everyone he has got the courage up and opened a Folksy shop. I love the descriptions he's put in there, they're so Craig. I hope he gets some sales, as his stuff is too awesome for words and he works so hard on it in his quiet unassuming way. We heart Craig. Here's where to find him


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  1. This a lovely painting, love the colours against black x


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