Thursday, 7 July 2011

Time zooms by

I can't believe it's Thursday already. The weeks are flying past at an alarming rate.

Had a bit of a crash into the doldrums last night. I'm so weary of these ever surging moods. It's becoming boring now. Not so bad this morning though, so that's something to be grateful for I guess. I think I'll do some more housework with music blaring and all the doors and windows open. It may be drudgery, but it really helps sort out my frame of mind.

I've just had a message from my beloved to say he's booked tomorrow off work as a nice little impromptu holiday. How brilliant! He says he thinks I need the company and he's 100% correct. I'm so lucky to have someone who spots things and springs into action for me.

I made a few miniature paintings. I'm venturing in a slightly different direction for a bit and these are just some experiments.

Definitely going to do some landscapes that I've been threatening to embark on for ages, as well as some more decorative acrylic pieces. As always, I have ideas aplenty, but I need to order my mind a little to be able to let them out. Hubby and I were chatting last night about my work direction and I think he's right in that I need to concentrate on paintings for trawling round galleries. I'm so lost with the whole concept of actually earning, which is the typical artist "thing", isn't it? I also really desperately need to find a part time job. Time to start chipping away in ernest at that particular little rock.

So do I tidy the bedroom or attack the pile of junk that is our geek room? Neither is an attractive prospect, but once I get started I'll be alright.

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  1. I love the 2nd one in the pic, fab colours, iv'e been sitting here in the study wondering what to do and I was thinking of painting something different on one of my small canvas blocks, its either that or get the hoover out, erm no contest! x


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