Saturday, 9 July 2011

Craig's Crochet Creations

It's high time I wrote this blog dedicated to Craig so the world can see him and his work.

So, who is Craig?

Well this is him here

Craig is my eldest daughter's chap (her name is Hannah). He's a whizz with all sorts of things, but also very quiet and shy, so there's no way on this earth he would ever shout out about his skills. Which is where I come in.

Craig comes along to my craft classes (as well as coming to our house to make cups of tea, clean the yard and all sorts of other useful little jobs. He once cleaned my oven because he couldn't sleep. He's a STAR among men). He's the only bloke who ever comes along to the classes and I reckon that alone deserves acclaim for bravery.

Anyway, not long ago we were planning a crochet class. Hannah decided she wanted to learn to crochet ahead of time and came round to my house for a lesson. It took her all of five minutes to become bored, so I suggested she watch some YouTube tutorials at hime and do it at her own pace. She toddled off to do this, but yes, you've guessed it, she got bored with that too. Craig however, liked the look of said tutorials and started to learn to crochet. Within a few days he'd made all sorts of stuff and this blog is here to show the world what he's achieved all by himself. I must also add that he is colour blind, which doesn't help at all, but he manages to overcome this with aplomb.

The beginning of Craig's adventures saw him making headbands and bows, mainly because Hannah makes dreadlocks and wanted some accessories to go with them. He then discovered websites with corchet patterns for all sorts of other things and started making them.

These amazingly gorgeous items are made by Craig within a few weeks of his first ever foray into crochet. Please join me in celebration and awe. He is shy about showing them online or even thinking about selling them, but I for one reckon he's got way too much talent to hide away!


  1. Veever la Craig!

  2. He's obviously a quick learner, I'm impressed!

  3. Love the octopus especially! Makes me want to give crochet a go, especially with results this good :)

    Leanne x x

  4. They are really good, crochet is on my to do list of things to learn, I will definitely have to give it a try now.

  5. I learnt to crochet when i was young, but never really got past doing granny squares so I am in awe of anyone who can make such beautiful items, I don't really think gender of the maker matters but the talent is obvious and would be a shame not to share it and offer these wonderful items for sale.

  6. Have to say FAB! My OH can knit - not that I have anything to show!!

  7. These are great fun he is very talented

  8. WOW!!! I`m really impressed, those are fabulous. He must be a very fast learner. He definitely should have a go at selling them.

  9. OMG Octopus! Such neat stitches too. Way to go, Craig - it's nuts that people still discredit each other's hobbies and preferences in this day and age because some are supposedly 'manly' or 'girly'. It's utter anyone who's ever had fun crocheting a sea creature knows! ;)

  10. Yay,Craig!Fantastic! I have crocheted for years and still find those amigurumi things very fiddly to do. Good for you. Never let talent got to waste. Be proud of what you can do.

  11. wow, I have been trying to get past treble crochet for a while. Can do the stitches but just can't follow a pattern. Perhaps he should give lessons


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