Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Mid Morning Whittering

There's apparently rain coming in. I could have predicted that myself; the amount of washing I've had on the line this week cannot have helped but contribute to some massive old clouds. Sorry folks.

I've been up and painting for hours now. Breakfast is therefore required soon. To this end I have some sausages cooking, which will do me 'til tea time. I really can't be bothered with the fuss of making food, it's such a drag.

Another painting got finished yesterday and then I ventured outdoors again for some background making. It's best to do that away from the house where possible due to the mess. I'll need to hose down the flagstones sometime, as they're currently in rainbow hues, which while quite attractive, is not really what you want in the back yard. Or so they tell me.

My paintings may be going off on Friday to someone who knows galleries. Long story, but it's a last gasp at trying to get my tootsies on the ladder before we starve to death as a result of my sales fail. I'm so rubbish at this. Oh and my sister is possibly going to help me in a few months time by getting gigs for me in places where people want to learn arts and crafts. We're having big discussions about it at the moment. I do also have a college thing coming up in the new term, which is something I'm looking forward to. Once again, my favourite old phrase - who knows?

I still have the man flu. I'm not quite as wracked with coughing today so far though. I'd say I've improved by about 5 or 10%. Roll on the return of good health I say.

So anyway, here's yesterday's finished piece. Another larger acrylic painting.

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