Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Troops!

Well well well, guess who got marched on last night?

For those who don't know about it, there's a Facebook group called Send in the Troops. It's a service that helps with promotion and motivation for sellers and they do several "marches" each week. This involves you being there at an allotted time and following them from page to page having a look at new people and liking them. It's a fantastic way for people to see your stuff and for you to get in contact with others in the same boat as yourself.

I've been doing the marches for a while now but until last night I'd never been included in the marching pages. It's like a little lottery - you put your name down in a list each march and nthey choose randomly who they'll visit. Last night the sarge asked who was there who had never been marched on and I got lucky when I replied. It's added amost 60 new likers to my page, a handful of whom have left comments that they like my paintings and will be looking to buy one at some point. You then go through all the new people and like their pages too, which I have done this morning. How fantastic!

I won't be doing any work this morning. I do have some new things lined up, namely some acrylic paintings. I never got round to tidying the bedroom this week though so I'll be doing that after we've had some brekkie. I may get time later to put in some painting hours, but I'll see how it goes. The bedroom is a big job, due to me being an idle fruit and never keeping it in a decent state. All my own fault! I shall feel like a very good egg indeed once it's done. I shall also be taking full advantage of this sunny day and getting washing out on the line. I'll always be a laundry freak before anything else, it's quite a sorry state of affairs really, but one I accepted a long time ago.

I have a very different and awesome blog planned for sometime this week. Just you wait and see!

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