Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Really REALLY Good News

Well here I am in Scotland, having arrived safely yesterday after travelling on two trains and a bus to get here to Strathaven. Rather pround of myself for making it here without event or trauma!

I'm mainly popping in to report some fantastic news. I got an email today on Folksy from someone asking for six (yes SIX) paintings! she wants 5 x 7 inch versions of various ones in my shop, all with little special touches. After all I've been going through lately with my self belief this is just the tonic I needed. I'm sure we all dream of getting an email to tell us our shop has been bought out lock, stock and barrel, and this is just the same feeling. Utterly overjoyed!

Now, despite this wonderful event, I am still looking for a job. I have news to share on that front too in that i got a call yesterday from a chap who owns a business locally and is interested in seeing me when I get back home. I'm to ring him on Monday to arrange it. It's a 25 hours per week position, which would give me some time to still continue doing my artwork.

Is it possible (just a tiny bit with my eyes scrunched up), that all my woes and upsets that have brought me so low this past few months are to be fixed in one fell swoop? Can I stop holding my breath and finally relax? Will this little holiday in Scotland mark a new start in more ways than I'd ever dared hope?

Good gracious. There's a danger of me actually stopping my sadsack ways and being semi successful here. You won't recognise me!

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  1. You see it all comes right in the end! Wow 6 paintings!! Make sure you get a deposit! Scotland was good for you xx


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