Sunday, 3 July 2011

today we went to the river

The weather appears to have realised that it's July. Today's been volcanic. We were out first thing before it got too hot and we actually braved it again this afternoon and went down to the river for a bit. There are lots of trees alongside the marina, so that's where we plonked ourselves in the shade. My beloved hates having his photo taken, so I got that over with right at the beginning. Here he is looking wonderful in his protective baseball cap. I promise he's not the redneck sort who wears one all the time. Handsome as the day is long.

We had lemonade and cookies and read books. I love doing this, especially by the river. Too many people with dogs walking by though, and always the sorts that look like they'd eat your face (not sure if I mean the people or the hounds). Hub was vexed by the many malicious looking swans, which always seem to hate him vociferously with weird screeching noises. Also, there were two girls. One had a video camera on a tripod and the other was dressed in a Baywatch swimsuit and about three gallons of makeup, complete with the biggest false eyelashes you ever did see. They kept filming the swimsuited one running toward the camera, amidst the throngs of walkers and folks like us lazing around. Comments were made, mostly about the makeup. I tittered up my sleeve in a not so subtle fashion.

I have an injury, which I would like to say is a result of extreme sports or a very daring accident, but alas it's just a neck soreness probably brought on by terrible posture and too many hours at my desk. I say soreness, but what I actually mean is waking-me-up-in-the-night stabbing pains and barely being able to move on my left hand side. I get this occasionally and I simply won't tolerate it, so it's been Voltarol and a hot water bottle as much as possible today (super when it's 25 degrees outside, I can assure you). Hopefully it will have subsided tomorrow and all will be back to normal.

I have much work to do this week. I'm doing a little commission painting in the morning and then it's books again. It's craft evening after that, as I've changed my monthly sessions to every Monday night now. I'm doing them at home too, thus decreasing my stress levels in trying to remember all the tools and materials every time.

I think I shall be needing an early night.

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