Friday, 15 July 2011

I won!

In unusual good news, I can report that I won a lovely giveaway this week.

This is a bit late in the posting, mainly due to strange and pressing events round here this week that I shan't bother going into right now. But I'm here now, so feast your eyes!

The lovely Rosa Lily ran a fabby competition on her blog page (click on her name to go and see) for one of us to win a whole package of her delightful makes and I was the lucky winner! Yes, me. Me who never wins the lottery or a raffle (apart from that one time in high school when I won the gigantic stuffed lion that took 3 of us to carry home, but that was more of a fail than a win as I was 16 and really didn't want an enormous lion).

So here is all my new and wonderful stuff that will today be put into position in the house. Even my hub has got involved with his recommendation that the stars ought to go in the bedroom as they'll match our theme in there (he's really coming on, isn't he? Or am I just turning him gay by instilling an appreciation of interior design? If he starts listening to the Village People I'll be having a word with him).

Go and look at Rosa Lily's blog for a cheery and uplifting experience, very different from my often miserable rantings! And a massive thank you from me :)

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  1. Had to laugh about your other half! My hubby has yet to fully appreciate my "style" but i'm working on him, as you do. So glad you are happy with the goodies, have a fab day xx


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