Tuesday, 26 July 2011

What a Difference a Day Makes

It's time for an update after my week away.

I had a very busy time in Scotland. My sis is mid house move, so there was lots of packing, moving boxes, loading vans and getting grubby. There was also much fun and girly talk, takeaways and silly shenanigins. Her new place is beautiful, though smaller than the old one. This is her second downsize in 12 months, so sadly she's having to part with a lot of stuff. We did get to go to ikea in Glasgow for bits and pieces though, which was nice. I do have a soft spot for Ikea but I've only ever been to the Warrington one. It was like a big adventure being in a different store. Sad, I know.

As I squeed about last time I blogged, I have six painting commissions on order. I also have eight sculpted masks to make and a latex banner for a show at the NEC. Luckily my most pressing deadline in August, the next one September and the rest October onwards. I say luckily because....

I didn't go to the job interview I talked about. I called the chap yesterday and arranged it for this afternoon, but he sounded far from interested. I would have gone, except I applied for a job online late last night and they called first thing to ask me to go and see them. The times clashed, so I chose the one who actually came across as being interested. I had my interview at 2pm and came out at 3.15 having spoken to the depot and office managers. I was successful and I start at 8am on Monday. I'm a tad shocked!

The job is at a drinks distributer locally, well within walking distance (there's that exercise I've been going on about). I used to work for a massive food distributer, so I already know how this stuff works. They have a lot of new staff who are just beginning to learn the ropes and from what they said in the interview I'm going to be streets ahead. It's quite a confidence boost to know that all the work I've done in the past will count for something. I'll have a flexible role doing all sorts of things and the opportunity to settle in where I feel happiest. There's also a bonus scheme for me, which I've never had before, so all the business I bring in will be rewarded.

I need to get motoring on all the commissions I have lined up now. Suddenly my diary is as full as Simon Cowell's wallet and I won't have time to do things at my leisure. I'll also have money again, which is a very peculiar feeling indeed.

I'm not sure how I feel about it all. It's been very fast and I've ended up with a full time job instead of part time. I hope I like it there and I hope even more that I can manage to continue my creative work. On the positive side, it means we'll not be stressing about money any more (which has been truly awful lately) and we can pay some things off.

A cup of tea and a sit down are required I reckon.


  1. Gosh. What an exciting new chapter! Sounds like a lovely new job though. Good luck!

  2. Good luck! That is fantastic for you & I'm sure your creative side will continue to flow as it usually does when money is less of an issue!
    Rgds Nicky

  3. Congrats on the job, hope it goes well. It's exciting too that you have art commissions :)

  4. Well done, you sound amazingly confident and happy x


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