Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Books, man flu and plucking

It's a good job there's no live webcam feed from my desk. The world would have been sniggering at 7am as I sat here trying to focus my poor peepers on sewing my latest book. It was worth the early start though, and I did help myself out a bit by making the covers yesterday. Two lovely geeky books are now complete.

I'm considering a bit of painting for a few hours now to allow my bookbinding muscles to rest for a bit. I may even get a shower and do my hair nice too. Imagine such glamour!

It must be reported that I think I've caught the man flu from hubby. Luckily we women don't suffer as badly as the fairer sex, so I'll be OK. He however has done himself out of all sympathy regarding his symptoms. I woke up with a raspy throat this morning and his comment?


The sassen frassen low down no good son of a bleep. The nerve!

It appears that Folksy is broken right now. This is very weird and is the first time I've ever seen it happen. Facebook is very quiet too. I feel quite alone in the world, so I may go and perform my ablutions in the hopes that order will be restored by the time I return. My eyebrows could use a serious bit of topiary, so I may be a while. I'm considering doing the first pass with a strimmer, just to make things easier for myself.

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  1. Ha ha Man Flu, it really does exist doesn't it! Your hand bound books are quite fantastic! xx


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