Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Happy happy joy joy

Oh how bright and sparkly!

I've got all the doors and windows open and there's a delightful breeze blowing through the house. There are book covers drying all over the place and I've washed up, put washing in the machine and generally been an all round good egg. Bathroom cleaning is next, after which I shall feel so damned virtuous that there'll be no stopping me.

Further to my experiments with making books from dictionary covers (see below), I'm doing another one at the moment and I've had a great idea for one for hub. He wants one but refuses to have one because they need to be sold. However, I have in my possession a newspaper from New York circa 2005 that we bought as a keepsake on our honeymoon. I shall pilfer a page from it and use it for a special book just for him. I think he'll love it. I did toy with the idea of a geeky one, but he's got heaps of that sort of thing, so this one will be really special.

There will be a trip outdoors today too. I told you I'm on a roll. We've got a Mother Hubbard situation going on here, so a shopping list must be written (in my Fiona T zombie book of course) and I shall bus it down to Asda in time to meet my beloved on his way home from work.

The postie ought to be bringing me a few delightful things today or tomorrow. I've done a couple more swaps with Folksy ladies for some awesome stuff. One is some cards (from Auntyjoan) and the other is a set of stickers (from hjdcrafts). I sent my little logo design to have printed on them and I very much look forward to applying them inside my book covers for that incredibly professional look. Hark at me being so very posh. Ideas above my station and all that. This is such a nice thing to do when you can't afford to treat yourself. I've sent little paintings in exchange.

To finish with, here's the latest dictionary book. It's got a mix of lined and plain paper inside and is about A6 size. I distressed and inked the cover papers and coated them with a couple of good layers of PVA for durability. I love the satin finish of PVA on paper, there's something so tactile about it. A real throwback to my uni days when I was never seen without an industrial sized tub of it on my desk. I washed a great dollop if it out of my hair yesterday. Just like the old days, " happy sigh".

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