Monday, 6 June 2011

A Bright New Week Ready For The Taking

I thought I'd start the week off by posting this photo (click it for the bigger version). It's one of those flukey pictures that should never have been any good, but I just love it. It was taken back in the winter when we went for an early morning walk by the river. The weather was cold, misty and wet but the sun was just beginning to rise in the sky. I found this little patch of toadstools and fancied taking a photo, but I really didn't want to kneel in the wet grass, so I just put the camera on the ground and clicked, without even looking through the viewfinder. Imagine my delight when I got home and found it had worked!

It's been a lovely weekend here. We've done all kinds of different things and spent much time together geeking, working, walking and all topped off by a trip to see X Men 1st Class last night. I was stunned to find it was a really good film, certainly wasn't expecting that. I reckon this is the only time in the history of cinema that the fourth film in a series is the best one, though I'm sure someone somewhere will be able to correct me on that.

In other news, my search for an excellent drawing compass is finally over. Or at least I hope so. I keep buying them and either losing them or they are simply rubbish. Somewhere in this house is a stockpile of lost compasses along with odd socks and sellotape, all of which evade me when I need them. So yes, there was a chap at the car boot sale yesterday with a few arty bits and pieces, amongst which were these compasses with attached propelling pencils and spare leads (I hate calling them that, but if I were to say "spare graphites" people would look at me funny). I wasn't too hopeful in terms of the quality for the princely sum of 50p, but I've had a go of it and so far it appears to be the drawing compass that will change my life. How's that for luck? Brilliant! I'll be the envy of you all.

Today will be mostly about painting. I'm still torn in two every day with the painting or bookbinding decicion, but it has to be the former, as so many have sold from my shop that it's looking sparse now. There's nothing like having to keep a shop stocked up to bring focus to one's creative direction. It's still tricky, as I have a heap of leather here waiting for me to turn it into book covers, but on the other hand I may be better waiting for my book press to arrive and give me better results.

I am so excited about the book press. I've already mentioned that my father in law has offered to make one for me, but this is so lovely of him. He is disabled due to a leg injury and struggles to walk, so it's a big undertaking for him to commit to making things these days. He's a brilliant woodworker and has made all sorts of amazing things over the years, but I wouldn't have dreamed of asking him to do this. He offered when I was bemoaning my lust for one I'd seen on Ebay and he called me last week to ask exactly what kind of construction would be best for me. He says he's going to make it look beautiful, despite my attitude being that I don't care what the appearance is like as long as it squashes things. As I explained to him, it's bound to be a step up from a pile of books with rocks balanced atop on the coffee table, which is how I currently do it. The other thing is, I don't think I can recall anyone ever making anything for me. I'm the one who makes things for people; gifts, books, paintings and all manner of weird and unique items. I've always done it, but never been the recipient. I truly appreciate the hard work that goes into this kind of thing (as well as the worry the whole time you're doing it, in case they hate it!) and I'm bowled over by his kindness. I just hope, no really hope that I don't burst into tears when the day comes to pick it up.

OK, 9am is fast approaching and I need to get my desk cleaned up ready to start work.
Have I ever mentioned that I wish I were tidier? I think perhaps I have.

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  1. I love your flukey photo, especially the mist in the background!


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