Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Fairground Flowers

Despite having a really busy day yesterday I managed to paint these two ACEOs. I thought I'd go for some new colour combinations and I called them fairground flowers becase, well, that's what they made me think of. I have a tendency to get absorbed in one colourway if I let myself, so I like to branch out occasionally and shock my system. A colour reboot if you like. Having said that, it's given me a hankering to move to more muted tones now, but that's a painting evolution the Jools way. Who know's what'll happen next?

There was much chaos here for the birthday boy throughout the day. We made cakes and dinner and had what equates to a house bulging at the seams. I'm so used to working here in the quiet by myself that it's a shock to the system to have all the children here (plus one boyfriend). Somewhere along the line I slipped from family to solitary mode and it's tricky reversing that. I felt battered by bedtime! A few photos of the festivities:

Peace reigns again this morning, so I'm on my way to painting city right now. I am ignoring the housework for the morning and getting on with my projects. Youngest daughter isn't in college today, so I may be able to bribe her into doing the washing up (when she drags herself out of bed). If I play my cards right I might even get the floor mopped. Oh the plotting and scheming I do in my life. I should have been a politician.

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