Thursday, 23 June 2011

Some Days I Even Annoy Myself

Not the first clue what I'm going to be doing today. It's been a flakey week and I'm incubating a bursting inspiration for some acrylic painting. The very thought of the mess I'll make is scaring the living crap out of me though. I'm kind of torn between that and some bookbinding. I could use the slow, methodical and theraputic process of assembly and sewing to lull me a bit if I'm honest. Or just maybe, I need a total break.

Had a good chat with my sister last night and she's suggested a trip to see her. I'd undoubtedly enjoy a visit to Scotland and a bit of R & R with her. Maybe I can get a cheap ticket sometime soon.

I also spoke to the owner of the print shop in town who's advertising for a designer. He was rather a personable chap, given to discussion of technical skills and his willingness to train wherever needed. He reckons that with my Photoshop experience I'd pick up all the other bits and pieces fairly easily. They're at the chatting and requesting CV stage right now and he asked me to send mine in, which is a great start. At least he's hands on with recruitment and not a faceless harvester of applications that will never be proven to have been read. We've all been there, eh?

If nothing comes of this, at least I think I've found a place that can do digital copies of my work when needed. I look forward to discovering the ins and outs of that in due course.

I think I'm feeling a little brighter today. At least I'm not sitting here in tears, which is encouraging. Things do have to change, but I'm not of the calibre to be able to view the overall picture a lot of the time. People like me need worldy wise mentors to take all that stuff on. Once again I wish John were around with his advice and sage nodding. All I can do is the crazy artist shit and remain locked away in my own little world. It's no wonder we never get anywhere while we're actually alive - it takes people a good while to forget our loony ways and come to appreciate what we do without the offense caused by our rantings.

And to bring us back down to earth, I really need to go to the shops this morning. There's no bread or milk and precious little else in the house foodwise. I'm waiting until the school rush dies down because I loathe the queues and gaggles of women nattering outside. I've been up for hours already and got washing done, so the day's at least a mildly productive one on a practical level. It's just a pity it's so grim out there. The rain was so loud in the night that it woke me up. I'd have got up to have a look at it but I was too tired.

Hub's having a rough week at work. We had a few cross words last night, not like us at all. Only a brief thing of course, mainly because of the noise levels going on while I was trying to explain my grief to my sis on the phone. I'm a bit deaf and I hate wearing my hearing aids, so I know I'm a pain at times. I have problems with background noise when I'm trying to listen, which can make me a bit aggravated and snappy. Constant tinnitus can really wear a person down, and though I do manage to zone it out a lot of the time, it can frustrate me to distraction. Fortunately my hub is great with being able to sleep in noise and on those evenings when I'm distressed with it he'll happily let me have a CD on in bed to blank it out enough for me to get to sleep.

Right, it's 9.30 now. I reckon I can brave the shops.

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