Friday, 10 June 2011

Friday Freedom!

I am definitely having a bit of a rest today. There, I've said it. I've been threatening a day off for a while now, but this past few evenings I've been utterly whacked, with eyes blurry and head fuzzy. It's time for a break, to get out of the house and do something different. Shamefully, I must admit that apart from a quick drive to the shop last night for a packet of crisps, I have not been outside since Sunday. Obsessive much?

So, what will I be doing? Edge of your seat time or what?

I've sold a book on Folksy, so that's jetting off in the post. This is the first one to sell on there, so I'm pretty damn chuffed. I'm also posting a swap, which is part of our sellers' thing we've got going on the forum. We have a look through each others' shops and choose items to exchange. I love this idea because it means we get a little treat, as well as being a very sociable little exercise. I'm getting a beautiful card and sending one of my little poppy ACEOs.

I think I'll be popping to town. We need washing up liquid (thrilling) and I'm going to scout about for some reading glasses, as discussed before. I may get to meet up with Tascha (youngest daughter) for a bit and I'll definitely be popping in to see Gill at the craft shop. Oh and I've just remembered that I need to buy some jog pants. I must be the only person in Widnes not to own such an item. I'm going to Zumba on Monday (yes yes, I know) so I require suitable attire. It may kill me, so if the blogs stop you'll know what's happened. On the other hand, I may come out of there addicted to shaking my booty and suddenly a size 8. The former is the more likely outcome.

I did a painting yesterday that I absolutely hate. By way of showing the world my shame, here it is. Feast your eyes because it's going in the bin. Meh. What a waste of time. Still, it's the thing that has mostly convinced me that I need a break.

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  1. Going in the bin? Really? Oh dear I think its lovely! Why dont you do it as a giveaway? (hint hint) xx


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