Saturday, 18 June 2011

Pottering about

It's a bit of a chance this. My internet's been cutting off all morning, so who knows if I'll get to post a blog? This my dear people, is living on the edge.

My adorable geek toddled off this morning with his friend to their all day gamingfest sales thingy. I've had a few texts as to how stinky the people are (why don't a lot of geeks wash?) and how he hasn't bought anythng yet but has sold some of his stuff. We might even be quids in by the end of this, if nothing takes his fancy. Perhpas we'll even be able to afford some squid for tea (my latest obsession and definitely not doing anything good for my nutritional intake).

So, what have I been doing? Well, I've had a shower and done my hair nice. Lately I just wash it and leave it, and it has to be said that I don't have the sort of locks that do well under those circumstances. You've seen Russell Brand? Well it's a bit like that, only I don't wear it with his panache and irony. I just look like an inmate somewhere dark and unpleasant where they sedate you daily. Mmmmm sedation.

With it being Fathers' Day tomorrow I've been slaving over a very nice card for Jay's dad. It's so tricky making cards for men, but he's got lots of hobbies so I can find ideas that relate. It was a choice this time between a Terry pratchett character or a guitar. This is how it turned out. I made an envelope this time too, which I'm ashamed to admit I don't always other with.

Speaking of Terry Pratchett, I watched the documentary that was on this week about euthenasia at the Dignitas Clinic. A dreadfully difficult thing to view, but as excellent and thought provoking as it is harrowing. Sir Terry is a brave man indeed to experience and catalogue these events, especially considering that it's one of his possible choices. Also a fascinating insight into him as a person, and I must say he comes out of it well. I recommend it to anyone who has the courage to watch.

I'm itching to make a book. I have some wrapping paper here that will make the best cover. It was from Lynn and she'd love a little present of it, so I may venture in that direction shortly. I'm just not sure i have the stamina today to complete it and I hate leaving a project before it's done. We shall see.

Mostly though, I'm really looking forward to my beloved's return. I miss him during the week and I'm not used to being apart from him at weekend. Hopefully he'll be home soon.

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  1. Like that card a lot - a brilliant one for Father's Day


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