Friday, 3 June 2011

Paintings and Sales. Yay!

Books yesterday, painting today.

I started early and had a go at the ACEO challenge that we've got going on Folksy this week. I have always done studies from life and then stylised/abstracted afterwards, but I decided to just go straight for the latter option today. We have a photo of a landscape in the Lake District to use as inpsiration, so I worked from that. I wasn't exactly overjoyed with the result and almost threw it away, but it grew on me during the day and I'm fond of it now, so I posted it on the challenge thread.

I feel inspired to do some more landscapes in the same style now. It isn't something I've even considered before, so bravo for the ACEO challenge and its encouragement!

I did a few others too. Of the five I listed in my shop this afternoon, four have already sold. I'm chuffed to bits about it, but just a tad aggravated because the front page was looking really stylish and now it's all changed! Not that I'm complaining. Bring on the sales, I love love love them! I'm SO over the moon :-)

I didn't get as much done as I'd wanted due to a bit of a health blip. I don't know what's going on, but I had a tremendous headache this morning that turned into nausea and much unpleasantness. I carried on working with a few little rests for as long as I could, but eventually it got so bad that I had to lie down. I feel a bit better now, but the pain is still lingering behind my eyes. I don't suffer from migraine or anything like that, so I wonder if this could be eye strain? Would that make me feel sick? Who knows, eh?

Anyway, here are the others I did today.


  1. love love love those poppies!

  2. I'm so glad you didn't throw away that gorgeous landscape you did for the challenge, because then I wouldn't have been able to buy it!:)

    All these paintings are fab, not surprised most of them sold!

  3. Wow, I am super jealous of your sales, mind you I am not surprised, they are lovely. I won't paint my ACEO's, it being so much work for so little return. The business side of my brain just says no! As for your headache, I barely had a headache before I was 35, now I have to have hormone tablets to control my migraines. They are often caused by hormone changes. Many of my friends in the 30's to 40's age group suffer, although I don't know how old you are. They can also be brought on by screens, flashing lights on tv, lack of sleep, dehydration and allergies, they are also slightly hereditary (my mother has them)and feeling sick is a classic sign.


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