Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Cool Blues

Another day of painting. This is the one I've completed, but I did some more on the maHOOsive one I mentioned before and it's about half finished now. I've just had to pick my eyeballs up off my desk and pop them back in, a sure sign that I've worked too hard for too long.

Joking aside, I am having all manner of troubles with the old peepers. I so desperately require an eye test and I strongly suspect, some reading glasses. I've never needed to look after my eyes more than I do right now, but I also have never had this little money, and I can't afford any optician based outlay. Why are they so damned expensive? I'm going to buy some of those cheap glasses they have in bargain shops and try to get to grips with them by myself. In an ideal world it'd be a spanking pair of varifocals, but I'd have to sell a kidney to get me a set of those. Not necessarily my kidney, but either way it'd be a messy business.

There's been talk of me having a day off tomorrow, but I'm not sure can countenance such a thing when it comes to it. I do feel a bit washed out if I'm honest. Unfortunately it's extremely difficult to stop working when there's half finished stuff looking at me. Hell, it's impossible even to sit watching the TV for an hour in the evening without doubling up and knitting, or doing some crochet at the same time. I guess I'll see what way out I'm feeling when I get up.

We had squid for dinner. It was glorious.

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