Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Just by way of a quick update

Not much internet presence from me today I'm afraid. The house of illness has taken over for a little while.

Little work done, but I have managed to do some prep on a few books and further my work on the knitted/felted bag. Regarding the latter, I followed the instructions that came with the wool, but the felting wasn't adequate. It said to wash at 40 degrees and it would be felted, but it most certainly was not. Such lies. So I decided to go for it and put it in boiling water. That helped a bit. I've read loads of tutorials on felting knitted pieces, some saying to tumble dry, many saying not to. Who do you listen to? I carried on a bit doing boiling then cold water, but it was slow going getting any changes. Eventually I lost patience and bunged it in the drier. Bingo! We suddenly got that promised 40% shrinkage and hey presto, a thoroughly felted bag!

So now it's ready for the next stages of a lining and clasp and some embellishment. I'm sure many readers are on the edge of their seats with excitement by now, so here's a picture of the current stage.

We have hospital in the morning. I'll be offering moral support when the icky bandages come off and generally hanging round trying to be helpful. Fingers crossed that it's marginally more pleasant for my poor geek boy than it was yesterday.

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