Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Paintings and a celebration

I started the mothership of all paintings yesterday and I'm doing my best to pace myself with it. Currently it's sitting here shouting at me but I'm making it wait. I don't like doing things in stages, but I must with this one as it would surely kill me if I were to keep going non stop until it's finished. I reckon there's about 3 or 4 days of serious input needed in total. Must. Have. Discipline.

Given that huge and complicated paintings are going to be pricey due to their nature, I don't expect this will sell on Folksy. It's destined for my portfolio and the travels thereof. So, in order to attempt to continue earning, I've been doing more miniature ACEO work. I listed these this morning.

I plan to do some more larger paintings this week if I can grab the time from somewhere. I may do some postcard size too, as they'll be more affordable.

Today is my little soldier's birthday (he hates me calling him that). Everyone's calling round at tea time to wish him his congratulations, so I'm hoping he gets here by then. I expect he will, since there'll be cake. I find it very weird on their birthdays to imagine being pregnant all those years ago. Dominic's 23 now but it seems like yesterday that he was a newborn. He's all grownup and I'm getting elderly! Well perhaps not elderly, but I'm certainly not the teenager who lives in my head any more.

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