Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Don't read it, this might be contageous

It's been pointed out by my hub that I'm grumpy. Now he's not often right, but I'll give him that one. I've been feckless for days now. Nothing's working, paintings are rubbish and my creativity is on a go slow. It's lucky that crochet is needed because I think I might be running round town with no shoes on, shouting at pigeons otherwise. I don't want to talk to people or participate in anything, and yesterday I was stupid, emotional and downright vacant. I'm annoying myself greatly.

I've been at this long enough to know that these things happen and they just need to be rode out. It doesn't help my floundering loss of direction and plummetting confidence though. It feels like things are not working. I'm having no success despite all my hard work and there's nobody to blame but myself.

I'm in desperate need of some guidance.

Hoping my fabric will come today and fill me with joy. Aside from that, I think I'll just do some housework and attempt to feel accomplished in at least some small way round here.

F@ckity f@ck f@ck.


  1. Sorry that you are feeling low, your work is amazing, I know me saying that wont make any difference, you just have to ride it through and soon you will feel more confident. I am thinking of you and sending lots of virtual hugs and love, Janice x

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  3. Don't worry Jools. As you said 'these thing happen…'. We've all been there! Also, I guess you're not just judging your 'success' by sales, but if you are, all I can say, from a personal perspective, is that my on-line viewings (folksy, flickr etc.) are down, thus the on-line sales are down (actually… non-existent)! We're all in the doldrums. Sales are no real reflection on ability – your work is excellent. Perhaps, you should look at other avenues for promoting your work?

  4. Thanks for that folks.

    Paul - I might as well be drawing with a crayon in my teeth when I'm feeling this way out! Nothing's any good and I hate everything. I'm happy ot say I'm feeling a lot brighter now :-)

    I do need some help with promotiing my work and getting it seen. I'm clueless. That's probably something I should be looking into about now really.

  5. I feel for you - I often have days like that, especially after posting a bought item to somebody and getting no response (like at this very minute - I'm now wondering "Oh, they don't like it, but won't tell me). Now with purse tightening all round and people not spending on luxuries etc it seems to reflect on us personally and we don't feel the love. I have looked through your work and it is AMAZING - so colourful and vibrant - so it is NOT you or your work at all - just the downward trend that is affecting all of us. Sales have been very sporadic for a lot of us and unfortunately I joined Folksy just as the downward spiral started!! Typical of me - join something just as its about to slide off the scale.


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