Monday, 20 June 2011

Grumpy Monday

Those people who give the weather forecast ought to all be sacked. yes, I know it's one of my pet peeves and I'll have a rant about it on a fairly regular basis, but come on. They get paid massive amounts to be on telly, wearing hideous outfits (why why why do they always look dreadful?) and spouting nonesense, lies and gibberish. Lately they've begun describing the weather in terms of being "quiet". What the hell? How does "quiet" refer in any way to the climate?

Is there actually any science whatsoever behind what we're told the weather is going to be each day? This morning for example, they cried tales of woe about heavy rain and possible thunder from lunchtime onward. The whole of the northwest had cloud and doom predicted. I've just been to the post office and took a jacket, but jumping jehosephat, it was BOILING and not a drop of water to be seen anywhere. Scores of children were buying ice pops and, unfortunately for me, many women were sitting on doorsteps wearing next to nothing in order to frazzle themselves and top up their orangeness (shudder).

And breathe.

What did I come here for? Oh yes. I did this little drawing today of one of the lilies Jay's dad cut for me.

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  1. my dad says the best weather forecast is to stick your head out the window and see what its doing :)

    Love your picture, the flower has so much depth to it.

    I've awarded you a versatile blogger award, see my blog for details :)



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