Monday, 27 June 2011

Faffing About

Erm, how to say this?

I was mucking about with my settings earlier and thought, hey, I'll put my name in my blog title. So I did and I think I might have mucked it up. I fear I may now be invisible to the world. Not that the world would be any worse off of course, but you know what I mean.

If anyone who follows me can read this, would you do me a massive favour and leave a comment to let me know please?

I'll go and wait in the naughty corner.


  1. It's ok, you can come out of the naughty corner! Your followers are still there too :)

  2. I can see you but thanks to blogger being silly can't follow :-(

  3. I came here before from your link - no problem and when I clicked on follow it invited me to sign in so I knew I was already a follower and didn't bother. Later I went to my Blogger dashboard and I found your original title - Umbel, and there was nothing there. So I came here from your link on Folksy forum, clicked on follow where it invited me to sign in, I did that then went back to Blogger and refreshed the browser, took a look and there you were under Jules Yasites. I probably didn't need to do all that signing in palaver but you are back on my bloglist, yay!

  4. Crikey, that's an awful lot of bother isn't it? I guess only the people who actually read my blog will notice though, and I hope they're all as persistent as you Pam!

    I promise not to touch any more buttons. Apart from this!


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